The liveaboard and dive specialists

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Liveaboard scuba diving in indonesia boasts the greatest variety of marine life discovered throughout the world. Bali and komodo are located in the lesser sunda islands (otherwise often known as nusa tenggara) which is a west – east stretching chain of smaller islands situated towards the southeastern tip of the indonesian archipelago. All degree of divers can discover thrilling dive sites. Within komodo national park the dive websites embrace larry’s yellow wall, an beautiful parallel yellow-clad wall which you can dive in-between, taking within the corals in every shade of yellow, invertebrates and reef fish at close proximity.

Make the leap in far-flung wakatobi’s unique, vibrantly wholesome reefs and tropical paradise islands. Mastro aldo is a european proprietor-operated liveaboard offering three night and 6 evening scuba diving excursions in komodo. The diversity of marine species increases as you move eastwards, taking in gili banta it’s possible you’ll encounter plenty of reef sharks, rays and turtles swimming amongst the mass of reef fish.

With a maximum of eight divers, there may be loads of space and company obtain personal consideration for a implausible diving vacation. Raja ampat liveaboards usually depart from sorong, reachable by home flights from jakarta, manado, makassar, or ambon. The jaya phinisi indonesia provides 6-evening journeys to raja ampat from july-april. About 2:30 it’s time for the third dive of the day, which is adopted by afternoon tea served on the rear lounge deck.

Diving indonesian This is Luxury travel is actually an unforgettable experience that offers difficult dives for intermediate and specialists and also simple diving for newbies. The density and diversity of life; coral, fish, and plants is unbelievable. The complete day is dedicated to scuba diving unless we’re steaming to a brand new dive website or have a shore expedition planned.

Komodo dive sites take pleasure in an abundance of mantas, sharks, whales, turtles, and a whole bunch of fish and coral species. Liveaboards departing and touchdown in sorong usually spend their time between the nicely-endowed 1500 islands of raja ampat. Traveling to raja ampat is time consuming but value it. The secluded nature makes sure than it all the better as dive sites are not crowded in any respect.