After dark: wondering where to find a great party scene while you’re visiting athens? This is a great way to not only introduce yourself to greek wines but also to get a taste of greek nightlife. In thessaloniki , begin your night out at aristotelous sq. Pick any of the popular city centre bars and tavernas or head towards neighbourhoods such as palaia sfageia, ladadika or the romantic uphill area called kastra. Many nightclubs enforce a dress code in order to ensure a certain type of clientele is in attendance at the venue.

The many trendy bars and places throughout the city are varied and full of charm (below you have a quick guide with the best areas). There is an on-site night club and bar where guests receive free entry and you can party the night away. Disco boom boom is one of the oldest discos in athens located at tzitzifies in thisseos and poseidonos street.

The club is getting crowded after midnight, and it is open 7 days a week. Friday and saturday nights are no doubt the busiest nights, attracting a younger mixed crowd of locals and tourists. People pitch up in this basement at 8 am on a sunday, after an all-night bar crawl across athens. Casa cantina, with live music several times a week and increasingly popular saturday early shows, wins third place.

Athens – much like the eternal city rome – has the power to draw you in and leave you utterly enchanted: whether it’s the mythology, the drama, the creative energy or just the acropolis views visible from almost everyone in the city – there is just so much to love here. Opening an athens βοτανικος τιμες magazine, you will find the bouzoukia-nightclubs into different categories, according to the style of the venue and its performers.

Located near greece’s southern tip, athens is full of all the beauty that comes with troves of ruins and antiquities, many of them dating back to the 5th century bce, which puts these current times into proper perspective. For good greek fish taverns and restaurants, head over to the athens coast and ports such as piraeus, mikrolimano, and marina zea.

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